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Our company was first founded in 2008. In the beginning, the Company operated in barcode hardware sector. Along with the improvement of technology and rapid needs of information technology, we expand our business in technology together with the specialists in ITs System to provide the needs of our clients in Technology of Information System.
Now we are known as splash-redcoat. Our company is supported by the specialists who are very competent in their field and equipped to provide the best solution for our clients.
Our total solutions consist of planning, designing, constructing, and maintenance of our systems.
Furthermore, supplying a competent outsource man power to perform the systems solution in details (from A to Z) for our clients satisfaction.


Our commitment is to provide the best and accurate solution. Our motto is greatest solution and partnership, thus we will provide the best quality, the best services and make an intense partnership with our clients.

IT Consultant

care and respect

splash-redcoat represent entire services, thoughts, products, quality which we provide starting from survey, planning, installation, and operational until the end of implementation and continued with maintenance, where include entire aspects needed by clients.

Barcode Solution

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splash-redcoat can be integrated with Barcode Printers and Portable Data Terminal based on Windows Mobile or Windows CE or the latest technology using Android Devices. AUTO ID options include barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

Application Developer

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splash-redcoat solution can be customized and integrated with many system and database server to suit your company needs. This is the power and flexibility of our system.

Enterprise Solution

continues improvement

splash-redcoat will provide the best solution and services for our clients, We are definitely competent in its field. We are supported by IT specialists capable to develop an IT System starts from hardware to software which is the latest system in order to obtain effective, efficient performance and advantages for clients who apply this system.


Many advantages are gained by using splash-redcoat, which certainly is the speed, effectiveness, and accuracy


redcoat -Fixed Asset Tracking System is software that will help you manage and trace your asset. Information like asset name, quantity, purchase date, the price, status, condition and many others .
The record will always be kept and managed in the database to ensure traceability of the asset. Even more you may able to count or get information about asset depreciation value. One of the benefits is when asset need to count physically it will be easy for you to do this job. Auditing most fixed asset records can be difficult if not impossible. Without barcoding, it is invariably labor intensive and costly.
redcoat-Fixed Asset Tracking System, coupled with technical support, can yield a cost effective result and provide the foundation for on-going asset management.


The primary purpose of a splash WMS is to control the movement and storage of materials within an operation and process the associated transactions. Directed picking, directed replenishment, and directed put away are the key to splash WMS.
The detailed setup and processing within a splash WMS can vary significantly from one company to another (need further observation or site survey), however the basic logic will use a combination of item, location, quantity, unit of measure, and order information to determine where to stock, where to pick, and in what sequence to perform these operations.


SmartPOS work as Point of Sales Application to do the sales and manage inventory of goods that work flawlessly. This application work best for your Food and Beverages Restaurant / Cafe, Retail Store, Market, etc. This system using latest technology in cloud application. Its work on Android Mobile.


splash Sales Force Automation (SFA) are information systems used in marketing and management that helps in automating sales and sales force management functions. splash SFA software automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.
splash SFA is an important aspect of Sales Business Operation as it enables organizations with retention of existing customers and procures new customers.
The Mobile splash SFA is an application that works on a Windows mobile or Android of a sales person who can raise orders thru the application and then send the same to the back-office application via WLAN/WWAN. This application allows any product based company to augment the performance of their sales force in the field. Currently this application provides the order management process that will help the field agents, to manage their orders more effectively.


splash Logistic Solution Increase accountability by tracking the chain of custody from the moment a package is received from the carrier, until the final recipient signs for it.
Reduce errors, miss-delivered packages, and lost packages. Records time and date stamps for receipt and delivery of packages Spend less time locating missing packages. Ensure all packages are delivered in a timely manner.
Captures electronic signatures when packages are delivered Increase the efficiency of work flow No technical experience is required. Any employee with basic skills can be trained to use the system. splash Logistic Solution is flexible, so it can be adapted to the way you do business.


Manufacturing Solution
Application For Manufacturing like Work in Process, Production, etc.
Clinic / Hospital Solution
System Information for Clinic and Hospital.
E-Commerce / Marketplace Solution
Creating latest technology for Ecommerce / marketplace with multiple payment.



- Hotel Bumi Wiyata, Depok

- Hotel Discovery Kartika Plaza, Bali

- Hotel Morrisey, Jakarta

- Shangri-la Resort & Spa Maldives

- Shangri-la Hotel Chiang Mai Thailand

- Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta

- Shangri-la Residence, Jakarta

- Shangri-la Residence, Yangoon, Myanmar

- Shangri-La at The Fort Manila, Philipines

- Shangri-La Sule Hotel, Yangoon, Myanmar

- Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya

- Shangri-La Edsa Manila, Philipines

- Mulia Hotel and Resorts Nusa Dua Bali

- Sofitel Hotel Nusa Dua Bali

- Intercontinental Hotel Jimbaran Bali

- Papandayan Hotel Bandung

- All Mulia Property


- ITHACA Resources,PT (Mining and Metals)

- Aero Nusantara Indonesia, PT (Aircraft Service & Maintenance)

- PT Aerowisata Indonesia (Garuda Group)

- PT Donggi-Senoro LNG (Gas Company)

- Jresources (Gold Mining)

- Sampoerna Strategic (Holding for many Sampoerna Company)

- JP Morgan (Asset Management / Bank Company)

- Astra Credit Company

- Plaza Indonesia Realty, Tbk (Plaza Indonesia,Hotel Hyatt Jakarta,Keraton Jakarta,The Office Jakarta,Fx Plaza)

- PT SMI Indonesia

- ASEAN SECRETARY Jakarta Indonesia

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

- Shangri-La Residences Jakarta Dewi Butik (Boutique Retail Store)

- PT Pama Persada - Inventory QA Application

- PT SAMI (Semarang Autocomp Manufacturing Indonesia) – Inventory QA Application

- PT SHARP Indonesia (Customer Service Division)

- PT SIS (Sapta Indra Sejati - Coal and Mining) Inventory QA Application

- Swedish Match Cigar (Tobacco / Cigars Company)

- PT TetraPak Indonesia

- PT Kangean Energy Indonesia

- PT ATRI Distribusindo

- PT Priskilla Prima Makmur

- LG Innotek (LG Manufacture)

- Mitsuba Indonesia, PT (Automotive Parts Manufacture)

- Ramayana (Retail Market)

- Alu Bali Nursery (Nursery with A Tag)

- Mitra Sarana Abadi (Logistic Company)

- Tri Bintang Lautan (Logistic Company)

- Trakindo (Caterpillar Authorized Dealer)

- Krekot Jaya (Leather Distributor)

- Purnama Textile (Textile Retail Store)

- PT Jakarta Selatan Interniaga (Pertamina Agents)

- PT Sahabat Samudra Sejahtera

- Arminareka Perdana (Hajj Tours and Travel)